Sharing the Wisdom of the Grandmothers

These ARe the Nine Main Questions We Asked

- Consider Asking Your Grandmother These and More.

Then Please Share Her Answers with Us and the World on our Blog!

  • What was your most difficult experience in life and what gave you the strength to overcome it?

  • Who or what did you draw on for support during difficult times?

  • What in life had brought you  the most joy?

  • What was your proudest moment, accomplishment or experience? 

  • Was there anything you  thought was important when you were young that you later realized wasn’t meaningful or important?

  • Were there any “lies” that you  had believed to be true about yourself  or about the world that you now realize  had never been true?

  • What is your greatest regrets, your biggest mistake?

  • What is  the one most important piece of advice you could give your daughters or your  granddaughters?

  • Is  there anything from  your culture or your  upbringing you think is important to share and preserve?