About our project



the Wisdom

of our grandmothers!

Sharing the Wisdom
of Our Grandmothers


Our project grew from the desire to understand the importance of grandmothers to our world.

Our hope for you

Our hope is that grandmothers voices will help inspire peace  and that you will hear from them something that will  support and assist you!

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Your Interview

The women we met

Grandmothers from Siberia to Patagonia shared thier life experiences and wisdom .


Stories Cover:

  • Relationships & Family
  • Advice for Younger Women
  • Aging Gracefully
  • Creativity
  • Community Building
  • Following Your Heart
  • Protecting  the  Earth
  • Healing From Trauma
  • Real Success
  • Navigating through Change
  • Traditional Knowledge
  • Women's Empowerment
  • Finding Your Spiritual Path

Watch This Week's Featured Videos

"The Wisdom of the Grandmothers"

Adelina Alva-Padilla, Spiritual Leader of Chumash Tribe, Santa Ynez, California

"The Wisdom of the Grandmothers" to be aired at 7 p.m. on Alaska Public Television on Mother's Day - May 10, 2015!

Our documentary will air at 7 p.m. on  360 North on May 10, 2015 - Mother's Day - and will be simultaneously streamed on the web at 360north.org.

We are so grateful to be able to share this work with Alaskans and hopefully, soon, with a wider PBS audience !