Sharing the Wisdom of the Grandmothers

We were a 2018 Rasmuson Foundation Fellowship Award Recipient!

     There won't be peace on earth until the voices of the grandmothers are heard.       - Native American teaching

The Women's Voices Project has taken on a new initiative. We are helping to raise Fellowship Funds for grandmothers and elders who are making a difference in the world through their amazing examples, lives and work. These contributions are tax deductible.

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"I am so grateful and honored to have been selected as a 2018 Rasmuson Foundation Fellowship Award recipient. In May, Rasmuson Foundation named 35 artists from 12 Alaska communities as the 2018 recipients and I was one of 10 artists to receive a Fellowship Award. The Fellowship will enable me to to continue the work started with "The Wisdom of the Grandmothers" and produce another documentary with additional grandmother interviews focused on indigenous prophesy stories and their lessons for today's world. Thank you to the Rasmuson Foundation for this recognition and life-changing opportunity! "
- Susan Stark Christianson

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Our hope is that grandmothers voices will help inspire peace  and that you will hear from them something that will  support and assist you!


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You can make a donation to help fund the Women's Voices Project and your donation will be greatly appreciated and go to help us at this important time. Contributions made now will help us to continue the important work of preserving the wisdom of the grandmothers around the world. The Women's Voices Project is  currently working to become registered as a non-profit, but your direct contributions now are not tax deductible, However, donations through PayPal are secure and will show up on PayPal as going to our parent/supporting  company, Women's Voices Project - Christianson Communications. You can also send a check or money order directly payable to Christianson Communications at:
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Our project grew from the desire to understand the importance of grandmothers to our world.

"The Wisdom of the Grandmothers" on PBS and FNX

The documentary film "The Wisdom of the Grandmothers" began airing on Public Broadcasting Stations around the country in May 2016..Please go to the film website for an up-to-date listing of all the times and dates the film will show. We are so grateful to the women who took part in this project and to the Public Broadcasting Stations that have picked up the film to air. We are also pleased to announce that the program has been picked up by First Nations Experience (FNX) stations and aired on their market to 22 million viewers in 13 states!

Grandmothers from Siberia to Patagonia shared thier life experiences and wisdom .

Stories Cover

  • Relationships & Family

  • Advice for Younger Women

  • Aging Gracefully

  • Creativity

  • Community Building

  • Following Your Heart

  • Protecting  the  Earth

  • Healing From Trauma

  • Real Success

  • Navigating through Change

  • Traditional Knowledge

  • Women's Empowerment

  • Finding Your Spiritual Path

  • Living in Harmony

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The Juneau Empire did a very nice follow-up article on the Rasmuson Foundation award recipients from Southeast Alaska.
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